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    I would love to be able to receive calls via my deck speakers in my car. Just an ON/OFF feature would be amazing.

    I just bought a new deck compatible with my Iphone and when I am playing music, it beautifully cuts out as the TomTom (application) talks to me via car speakers. To be able to have a feature that would allow you to hear phone calls over the speakers, as with music and Tomtom, would be amazing.


    I know I can use an Aux cable but the reason for this app request is to eliminate the need for one. A simple function to allow calls to be received over the speakers, like music and tomom, is what I am requesting. Furthermore, for those of use who have ipod control decks, using aux input will not display info onto the deck interface which defeats the whole purpose of the deck.

    With the "no cell phones while driving law" is coming to effect, this app would be even better!

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    I use a satelite radio and I run it thru my tape player to listen. I know if I unplug the tape player wire form the back of the Sirius dock an dplu into my iPhone headset plug, I can hear calls thru my speakers, but I can't talk to them. Now that would be SICK, to be able to talk to them.
    2009-10-14 10:43 PM
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    buy an acura, they have bluetooth synced with the car audio
    2009-10-14 10:57 PM
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    For your situation yes.

    But for someone like me who has avoided the tape deck and aux input methods and paid the extra bucks in doing so, an app to make it possible for calls to be heard through the speakers (just like you can hear music and the tomtom) would be awesome. I am sure the software can be unlocked so that calls can be heard over the speaker the same as music can. Then you could answer a call, listen to it via car speakers, and talk via speaker phone......then get back to listening music and tomtom without the hassle of unplugging the phone.


    Ya I am thinking of just returning the deck I just bought and getting a bluetooth deck.......I love my WRX STI too much to buy an acura LOL. No disrespect, they are a good car too.
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    np it's called an AUX Cable cost ya $5 I use it
    2009-10-14 11:17 PM
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    I know I can use an aux cable but this request is to eliminate the need for one. I don't need anymore wires than the one sync cable from my deck. This is for people who have an iphone control deck which shows all music on the interface........Aux input mode on my deck will not show anything on the deck interface, therefore defeating the purpose of buying an iphone control deck. I am just requesting a function that would allow iphone calls to be heard over speakers, exactly how music and tomtom is heard. I do appreciate the input though. Thanks.

    This would be even better now that the law where you cant use cell phones while driving is coming into effect!!!!
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    You can use a bluetooth / fm modulator. My wife uses the MOTOROKR T505 - Motorola

    and it works great for streaming music and phone calls.
    2009-10-15 10:10 PM
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    I have heard good things about those as well.

    Would still be nice to save the 100 bucks and just have an app that would allow call to go over speakers.


    I sent off an email to apple. Maybe this will clear up some things to those who dont understand what I am requesting and why:


    Please note that there are many people such as myself who have purchased Iphone control car decks which work great, however, calls cannot be received via the car speakers. Yes, you can use aux inputs, however, this defeats the purpose of purchasing an Ipod control deck because nothing will be displayed on the decks interface when using aux in. This update would allow people to keep their Iphones attached to the Ipod control deck properly and not have to scramble to unplug their phone to answer a call. Just simply hit speaker phone, listen to the call over the car speakers, and respond via speaker phone. If music can be played via speakers, I dont see why it would be a problem to make an ON/OFF option to allow calls to be received via speakers. Believe me, there are alot of people in the same situation as me who have purchased these decks specifically for the Iphone (and there are only more to come) who are going through the same situation and to have this feature would be most appreciated. Aux in DOES NOT give us the full access to all features of the deck and therefore we do not use it. We need this feature have full control of our decks and receive calls via speakers. Laws have cracked down on cell phone use while driving and this would be an amazing way to help people like myself abide by them.

    Kind Regards,

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    I have a Kenwood deck that has the ipod input add on module, as well as another deck that has the USB connection. When the phone rings in both situations the music stops and then I am either forced to use the poorly heard speaker in the phone, or switch to a Blue tooth piece to hear. Using the mic in the phone is no problem, i just canít hear them very well from the built in speaker. The reason I donít want to use my Aux input, its another cable to hook up, when my ipod input also charges my iphone.

    I have been able to get the iphone to use the car speakers twice, while able to speak. I was plugged into my deck and used "winter board" to switch themes. After the reboot I found that it functioned this way. I have only been able to duplicate this "glitch" twice. Another feature I noticed was that it took my deck controls off line, and I was able to select songs via the iPhone. So the "glitch" changed two things. Had phone out of car speakers, while still able to use the internal mic to speak, and I was able to select songs via the iphone instead of the car deck. Music still came out of the car speakers as well, and the phone was still charging. It would be nice to have an app that I we could turn on or off to have the sound from the car speakers, for music, and phone conversations.
    2009-10-17 04:40 PM
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    For all those out there who would like to see an App like this PLEASE respond and share your thoughts. I REALLY want to see this happen.


    Can anyone give me some insight as to whether this is possible or if there is a chance that an app for this will even happen?

    I will take good or bad news.

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