1. burgezz's Avatar

    So I have been searching for this for a while and based on my searches there are at least a few other people wanting the same type of software. I would pay for it.

    I don't have Internet on my Touch while I'm at work. I can't connect to the WiFi at work through my Touch. I can't enable ICS on my laptop so I can't setup an AdHoc and effectively use it.

    I was wondering if there is a reverse tethering application? Something like PDAnet but instead of sharing my phones connection on my laptop I could share my laptop connection to my phone via USB? Does this exists?
    2009-11-23 01:05 PM
  2. zakirhere's Avatar
    I doubt there is any app available. People think there is no need for internet on iPhone if you could have them on your computer. But I need that too.
    2009-12-12 02:10 AM
  3. matthew1111's Avatar
    Yep same that would be nice, but no one with the expertise to do it probably sees no reason...
    That Thanks button is there for a reason!

    2009-12-13 02:32 AM
  4. Timka21105's Avatar
    Yeah, I have been looking for something like that ever since I got my iPod.
    2009-12-13 02:43 AM
  5. i am error's Avatar
    if you have mac and have an ethernet cable pluged in you can create a wifi network but youll need a mac with a built in airport

    first youll need to go system preferences the click sharing than find internet sharing and select ethernet than share it over airport and it will prompt you to name your network and give it a password
    2009-12-19 01:20 AM