1. satt's Avatar
    What is the best app, to be able to check an IP camera?
    2009-11-26 05:05 PM
  2. g0sbv's Avatar
    icam works well and is easily cfg for an ipcam you will find it in the itunes store..
    2009-11-26 06:11 PM
  3. reddawg's Avatar
    Eye See U from the AppStore works for any IP camera that supports MJPEG streaming. I have a Gadspot GS1600 / NC 1600 IP camera and Eye See U works very well. Very stable, no crashes. It has direct supports for the following camera's:

    Axis IP Camera's
    Panasonic IP Camera's
    Sony IP Camera's
    PiXORD IP Camera's
    Linksys IP Camera's
    Airlink101 IP Camera

    If you have an IP Camera that is not on the supported list, as long as you know the connection paths for your IP camera's MJPEG streaming it should work. You can always contact the developer and ask wether your IP camera is supported.

    Below are the sample configuration for a Gadspot GS1600 IP camera, also know as AVIP (VCenter) NC1600 IP Camera.

    Name: Gadspot GS1600

    Address: http://mycamera.demo.com:8000 (Example, not real address)
    Login: test
    Password: test

    MJPEG: /GetData.cgi
    Picture: /Jpeg/CamImg.jpg

    Other notes, Eye See U can take snapshots from your IP camera and save them to your iPhone's camera roll.
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    2009-11-27 09:53 AM