1. asherj123's Avatar
    I installed a custom new jersey devils theme for winterboard on iphone and i only want the slide icon but i have wallpapers and custom icons over all my apps bar a few, how do i remove all that and just have the slide icon?
    2009-11-29 04:59 PM
  2. periperi's Avatar
    ssh into library/themes and find the folder with the theme in then delete the folder which says icons and the picture called wallpaper and if you don't want the dock then delete the picture called dock. then reapply the theme and enjoy
    2009-11-29 09:40 PM
  3. ddonuts4's Avatar
    This is also a good way to make your own themes; just replace the wallpaper file with one of your choice.
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    2009-11-30 12:34 AM