1. thermo_monkey_75's Avatar
    Is it possible to edit the predictive text function on iPhone 3GS? I quite often have words replaced with words that I don't want to use, because they were the words that I used a couple more times in the first week of having them. For e.g. almost every time I want to type the word "me", iPhone changes it to "mr". So I could want to type "and with me it would be..." and it would type "and with mr it would be...". It's just really annoying when you're trying to type quickly and don't necessarily notice these subtle changes it makes regularly.

    Surely it should just be as easy as editing a dictionary somewhere? I just don't know where.

    If anyone knows how to change this then I would be very grateful to learn how..

    Thank you
    2009-12-07 10:38 PM
  2. ltjbigshot's Avatar
    expander, or inspell have this feature. What you will want to do is make the input: me and the output : me

    once you get the app you will understand what it means

    the feature in inspell is under the inspell settings in the system settings app

    as far as doing this manually I have never tried, im sure it possible though.
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    2009-12-08 12:34 AM