1. coqui258's Avatar
    Hi everyone... long time viewer, first time poster to the site.

    I have a friend with a blackberry, and he showed me this new app he downloaded called BuddyGuard which was pretty neat. If his phone is stolen, he can send a text to the phone and it will either erase all data, lock the phone, or do other similar tasks.

    Is there anything similar for the iPhone? Just curious, cause that would be an awesome addition.

    Thanks all.
    2009-12-09 02:36 PM
  2. truncj's Avatar
    MobileMe has the ability to do that and more. The only issue is that it costs $99/year

    Cylay is the cydia version of this and I believe costs around $20-30/year.

    I remember smartphonetracker on windowsmobile at least was a free app that let you track your phone using texts and notified you of a sim change. Why can't we get a nice free one too.
    2009-12-09 03:33 PM