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    What I'm looking for is an add-on, preferably to SBSettings, that gives the user the ability to force the iPhone to output audio through its internal speaker.

    The reason being that when connected to an audio capable dock connection, the iPhone defaults to outputting audio through the dock connector cable. My problem with this is that I have a iPod aux in via dock connector for my car stereo which transmits audio AND charges the phone.

    So, when I my stereo is set to play music from the iPhone, I have no problems. However, when I am charging my phone but am listening to another audio source I do not hear any alerts, or GPS directions (Navigon) because the phone is still trying to output audio through via the dock connector.

    A SBSettings toggle would be perfect for addressing this issue. The answer may lie in the code used to for the speakerphone toggle that you get in the Phone or VOIP apps. I have also seen an audio output selection toggle show up when connected to a bluetooth audio device.

    I look forward to hearing if anyone else has an issue with this or if anyone can propose/implement a solution.


    2009-12-17 02:23 AM
  2. pkastelic's Avatar
    Thanks, you have a good point. Using a separate cable just for charging is probably what I'll end up having to do, but it would definitely be easier the other way.

    Another option I thought of is to modify the dock cable to add a switch that would disconnect the audio channels so the ipod will think its a regular power cable... But I don't know if that would work... I like the more elaborate solutions
    2009-12-18 02:17 AM
  3. pdqbach's Avatar
    I have the same setup and have been looking for the same thing. I like the idea of a toggle in SBSettings
    2010-01-26 02:32 AM
  4. floordance's Avatar
    I know this is a kinda old topic, but I struggle to find such a toggle/tool too. Is anything that allows such a behaviour released yet?
    2011-04-20 08:17 PM

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