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  1. Svenzon's Avatar
    Hello everybody,

    I'd like to have a fix for the original SMS app, which makes the iphone send my typed SMS, when I established a connection again automatically. That would be a very useful function.

    Are there alternative SMS clients, which provide this feature?

    2009-12-20 12:54 PM
  2. bsonk's Avatar
    Man, I want that too. But it'll probably never happen- SMS requires such little bandwidth that people with any coverage at all (which is most people) don't care. Us that live in the boonies are SOL.
    2009-12-24 07:14 AM
  3. rashad1's Avatar
    Thats a good idea, thats how emails work. They will send when you find service. I think SMS should work over wifi, just like on BlackBerries.
    2009-12-24 05:56 PM
  4. SharpieBandit's Avatar
    Blackberries seriously send SMS over wifi?
    2009-12-24 10:33 PM

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