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    Yes, there is pdamobile and MyWi. But niehter of them support infrastructure mode. They are just add-hoc networks and many corporations do not allow connections this way for security reasons. My company for one. I am comming from a WinMo device that I had WalkingHotSpot installed on and it worked great. It truly works like router in that it supports infrastructure mode and 5 clients to connect. I was even able to VPN though it just fine and had a very accepptiable speed with the VPN overhead. If you want these features, Please go to their website and ask for this really well done app be ported over from S60 and WinMo to iPhone at least.

    2010-01-05 05:34 AM
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    2010-01-05 07:48 AM
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    Absolutly not spam. I am in no way affiliated with walkinghotspot. I am a former winmo user that used this app frequantly and it would be perfict for the iphone. And how will the company know that this is something that we would want if they don't hear from us. I have a feeling that they are going to try to go the app store route, but fat chance apple would approve it. We need to let them know that they can go the jailbroken route as well.
    2010-01-05 05:14 PM
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    Ok, no prob. Just checking.

    The only way is via the cydia or rock store. I would contact one of those owners to get some marketing data to present to walkinghotspot
    2010-01-05 05:19 PM
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    No worries.

    Since I am new here, that is a great idea to do.
    2010-01-05 05:40 PM