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    (obviously as a jailbroken/cydia app only)

    Honestly I don't like Flash much, but sadly 99% of web designers disagree with me, and it's practically a necessity these days; dissapointing given that even 3 years on the iPhone still doesn't support it.

    I know there's imobilecinema, but that hasn't been updated in over 6 months and the repos have been dead since november. I can't even get the site to load right now.

    So...all I'm asking is that someone code a Flash plugin for Safari, and actually maintain it, releasing updates when necessary and keeping some sort of active presence rather than just fading away like the previous devs did.

    I don't see how a jailbroken iphone is any different to other mobile platforms since jailbreaking effectively removes all of Apple's restrictions, so I can't see a reason why this wouldn't be a relatively easy port.
    No need to give it away for free either. I'd easily be prepared to pay $15 or more for it, and so would a lot of people I'm sure.
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    A "port" implies you have source code. Flash is not at all open-source, and thus Adobe controls which devices get Flash playback. From what has been reported, Adobe is actually willing to make Flash work on the iPhone, but Apple is getting in the way.

    Now granted, there have been some attempts to reverse-engineer Flash enough to make non-Adobe players, but compatibility is an issue. The only one I've really heard of is Gnash, but I'm sure there are others. It's much more likely that someone ports Gnash (or similar) rather than making an iPhone-specific Flash player from scratch.
    2010-01-06 05:03 AM
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    From what has been reported, Adobe is actually willing to make Flash work on the iPhone, but Apple is getting in the way.
    If that's really the case, then why is it not available even for jailbroken iPhones?

    I don't understand what Apple has to gain from this anyway. If they were pushing a competing technology then it might make business sense, but they're not (the closest thing is Quicktime, and that's designed for mainly different purposes).

    If security is the issue, surely the problem can be solved by resticting Safari's access to the rest of the OS? On a closed system like the iPhone this wouldn't be difficult for Apple to do.
    2010-01-06 05:49 AM
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    Lol iPhones pretty much have QuickTime on them. They play almost any format of video it supports

    Unfortunately it sounds like it's adobe's decision since they seem to own flash. If somebody could convince them to make It available to 8.43% of iPhone users(jailbroken users) then we might get it though.
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