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    hi guyss, i have a jailbroken iphone 3g and had downloaded an app through Cydia called "atube downloader". it is pretty much a youtube but lets you download anything from it like songs or videos which goes straigt to your atube library. I also bought a
    AV cable for audio/video output fot the phone in order to be able to watch videos from my phone on TV or any other device. The problem is that if i go to regular youtube which came with the phone, the videos from youtube are easily viewable thru this cable on TV or anything else that i connect it to. But it is not able to transmit the video from this atube downloader to TV. Meaning i'm not able to watch any of these downloaded videos using this cable..
    Can anybody please help me or let me know what it is that i could possibly do to achieve watching all these downloaded videos using this AV cable.
    2010-02-22 03:33 PM
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    i have and i touch and had the same problems but i downloaded an app called "tvout" i believe but ill have to double check and find out where i got it.. if thats it in the settings youll have to select "app" so that it turns red and presto itll work.. it also has settings to allow adjustment of the screen size when held either way. hope this helps!

    found the app in "cydia" the app was called "TVOut 2 Mirror TVOut" contact is BigBoss author "Guido Bellagamba"

    good luck!
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    2011-04-05 03:45 AM
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    Asrph72, what are the format you download using atube downloader?
    The problem might bcz the formats don't supported by TV.
    As Im using iFunia Free YouTube downloader for my video downloading and watching after I read this wiki article: How to Download and Convert Videos Using iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac - wikiHow, and it let me watching videos on TV freely, so I don't know what is the concrete problems.
    Does it have some tech support?
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