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  1. Danbh's Avatar
    I have read through loads of forums most of which are a year + old but all saying its not possible as an app on the iphone only as an externally hosted service which is usually paid for.
    is there any advance on this? it would be extremely helpful in my occupation.

    without meaning to sound at all rude, i know the laws on recording calls and would use this accordingly, anyone who doesnt im sure can google them. (just so save alot of wasted time with this thread going off on the same legalities tangent that almost every other forum seems to have done )
    2010-02-23 03:01 PM
  2. kto's Avatar
    nope. it's impossible with the current sdk.
    might be different with 4g, but i wouldn't get my hopes too high.
    2010-05-14 11:34 PM

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