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    i am trying to mod the battery icon in the top right hand corner of the springboard to show the circles you can find in the 'SphereSignal' app in modmyi. My idea was to create a theme where the circles start off large and then as the battery depletes, the circles get smaller.

    As i am not that good at coding, i had a go but was unsuccessful!

    Ideally, i would like the green circle to show when the battery is full, and then switch to the smaller red circle when the battery is low.

    i have successfully managed to change the battery icon to a circle when the phone is charging however cannot change the circles to show when the battery is normal or there is low battery.

    i dont know what to do! Initially i had downloaded another battery theme from cydia and just copied the text fields that are shown in their battery theme to match that for the circles however it will not change.

    can anyone do this for me, or tell me the relevant text that needs to be matched to the image in order for it to change successfully on the springboard?

    any help much appreciated!

    2010-05-06 08:31 PM
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    sounds cool but I belive that it's actualy images not code I'll try and find out more but yeah sounds quite cool

    yeah there are three primary images FSO-BatteryCharging, FSO-BatteryCharged and FSO-BateryInsides. that's all I've found so far but I'll keep looking

    but if you want you could do it with the battery percentage which would probz be esier

    FSO-BatteryLowBG is for the red portion
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    2010-05-17 12:02 AM
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    thanks for the reply mate.

    yea i have done that but it doesnt seem to be working, the closest i have got it is the circle in the background however there is a white rectangle over the top of it, taking the shape of the original battery icon.

    i have however managed to get the circle for the charging circle done correctly, it shows with no problem.

    do you reckon you could have a go lol i dont know what im doing wrong!

    cheers much appreciate the reply
    2010-05-17 12:28 AM
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    sure I'll give it a go but it's 11:40 ATM in the uk so if it's possible could u put a download link to ur pics so I cab see what I'm dealing with and I'll look at it tmoz and give u a reply then.

    actually just email them to me
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    2010-05-17 12:44 AM
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    emailed them over to you mate nice one cheers. let me know if you get anywhere im obviously useless!

    2010-05-17 12:53 AM
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    nah u got most of the way. u know in the bundles folder in most themes it's has the com.apple.springboard thing I belive the image u r looking for Is called FSO_BatteryBG if u make that clear it should fix ur problem

    also the images look awsome let me know how it goes
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    2010-05-17 01:10 AM
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    sorry for the noobness, so as long as i have the following i should be set?


    im still a bit confused because if i was to make the green circle as the BG, then would there be conflict with the blue circle because it is bigger than the green?

    2010-05-17 01:15 AM
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    Hey we all was a noob at some point I just taught myself through trial and error. there would be a conflict yes but if u make the BG clear I don't see why it wouldn't work

    I need to sleep now otherwise I'll pay for it later. hopefully talk to u later hope it works out right
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    2010-05-17 01:25 AM
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    mehhhhh i cant do it lol.

    ive tried renaming the circles and i created an empty circle for the BG, but it just doesnt want to work!

    do you fancy having a go mate if you dont mind?

    2010-05-17 08:46 PM
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    sure. is it ok if u email me the whole folder(s) zipped cos thy would make it easier for me
    2010-05-17 09:08 PM
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    done mate cheers much appreciated!
    2010-05-17 09:18 PM
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    email it to me too please...

    in zip/rar
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    2010-06-28 06:31 AM