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    I'd like a SBSettings toggle to disable SMS/Push notifications sounds and or vibrations at night time while sleeping. I'd like my recieved phone calls to still ring through. This way I'm not woken up by the sms/push vibration buzz and or beeps.

    I have yet to find an app or SBSettings toggle to do this one simple thing.

    So again I'd like a quick toggle to make it only incoming phone calls create any buzz or ring noises at night time.

    I wonder if aTimeTool would work?
    I stent them an email asking. I see a SBSettings toggle too. (maybe I can setup everything I want and turn it on/off?)

    I just got a response (see below) and forwarded my question to the developer. Hopefully his program works, or he can enhance it to do what I want.



    Thanks for your support to aTimeTool.
    Please email the author of aTimeTool dierectly and he'll handle your problem.
    The email address is [email protected]

    If you have questions about mCleaner,mAdvLock,mCallShow,mCoolphone,
    Please contact with: [email protected]

    Thanks for your attention.
    Best wishes.
    MCleaner Team
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    2010-05-07 09:53 AM
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    Did you manage to find a tool for this? It's exactly what I'm looking for too so that I can turn SMS sounds off at night and still hear incoming calls.
    2010-06-26 11:59 PM
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