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    here are a few ideas for apps that i thought of (ill post new ones as i think of them also feel free to post new ones wheneve you want to)anyways heres the list

    1.first off three words "MUGEN FOR iPHONE"if you don't know what it is google "mugen" but be ready to spend the next 5 months playing and modding it

    2. A cartoon and art develpoment studio for iphone where you can make your own flash style videos and send them into a network where you can view other peoples vids using the youtube style vid player and save your favs

    3.copy and paste mod for safari

    4.ttr style game with five buttons and the iphone tilted sideways for space hold notes 1-5 notes at a time

    5.ability to change the icons for springboards size and # of possible icons per page

    ps the reason why i havent made these myself is because i have absolutley no experience in program delevlopment so im going to read some guides on development and if i figure it out before any of these are realeased ill make them but if anyone nows how to make any of these all that i ask is that you send me the source to add and add my username to the about section of the program
    2008-03-17 07:09 AM
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    Wrong forum.

    #3 has been done.
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    2008-03-17 07:32 PM