1. chrispy212's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I'm looking to take on a new project after having finished some private app projects. I have an idea, but want to see whether it's something the community wants.

    The concept is to entirely replicate the functionality of the Music/iPod app that ships with all iDevices. However, redundant as this seems, the point would be to make each and every element entirely customisable. All text formattable, all images replacable. Every single element positionable. I'd work with theme developers to produce an open format we all like, that would be part of a standard Winterboard theme.

    I plan to ship this app with the following features. Feel free to comment on things I'm missing/useless features:
    * Allow playing of media (music, podcasts, audiobooks, playlists) from your on-device iTunes library.
    * Seamlessly also integrate music from specific or user-defined folders, allowing drag-and-drop addition of media to your device via SSH or other file-system access means
    * Allow theme developers to include images and property lists that define the appearance of all on-screen elements, including text and controls
    * Have this theme for the app be shippable as part of a winterboard theme, which, when activated in Winterboard, automatically applied to the app

    Please, honest feedback, and constructive critisism. If you don't think it's a good idea, let me know, just tell me why. I'm open to all suggestions. I know Winterboard gives a certain amount of theming ability to theme developers, but not to the extent I plan to.

    If I go ahead and develop this, and it turns out to be successful, I might look into reproducing all of the core apps in this way, to really give theme developers the option to generate their own look-and-feel version of iOS.
    2010-07-09 12:49 AM
  2. sgt.pepper's Avatar
    i like the idea. could be very big. when u say seamlessly integreaate blah blah blah blah do u mean like , download something online, then copy and paste it into a folder that puts it in the music player? like dtunes+ the regualar app. i like it a lot so far. i really like the part about the controls and text stuff, because ive always kinda wanted a complete new overhaul of the default music player. but, i dont think you should have themes in winterboard. it just makes a lot more confusion. you just apply themes in-app, close the app, then reopn (without stopping music), and its a new theme. add, edit, and delete playlists would be a good feature. and ios4's new music thing with where u press back, shows all the song in the albm, the cover, a shuffle button, and the runtime of each song. something like that would make me very happy. overall, it would be a great app that i would use to it. you would also need to make a popup via activator such as double click home button or something. that would be amazing. if you proceeded to develop, i would be happy to be a beta tester. i have an ipod touch 2g with ios 4 jailbroken. thank you and good luck!


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    2010-07-09 04:47 AM
  3. andrewb283's Avatar
    I also really like this idea! I always wanted to import songs from dtunes to the actual music player. The customization is a great thing to add to it. Please go ahead with this app!
    2010-07-11 07:13 AM