1. Vegemite's Avatar
    Are there any apps/tweaks that prevent you from moving the homescreen, or at least allows you browse different pages, but disables the sliding animation of each page? Also, are there any tweaks that remove the dots at the bottom of the screen that represent the number of pages available on your iPhone?
    Jailbreak Nooblette
    2010-07-19 01:06 PM
  2. andrewb283's Avatar
    Well you can edit the page indicators, you could probably just make them transparent. I'd google it. As for the others, I have no idea...
    2010-07-19 10:29 PM
  3. indyracer05's Avatar
    Ive been looking to know how to do this forever, i thought i was the only one who thought about this
    2010-07-21 06:02 AM