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    I have the latest version of showtime but I can't open its *.mov files on my PC with any program. Any suggestions how can these files be opened on my PC ?
    2008-03-17 11:17 PM
  2. glustic's Avatar
    "There are catches, however. Right now, video is recorded in a raw format that both can’t be played on your Mac or PC, and that quickly fills your iPhone’s memory. However, they’re working on faster capture (with 15 frames per second the next target) and encoding into a standardized format, likely Motion JPEG.

    There’s a trial version which can save up to five seconds’ worth of footage, and the full version is $10"


    Also polarbearfarm aka lduncan stole from darken and drunknbass! Don't support thieves! Read this:
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    2008-03-17 11:44 PM
  3. Acumedico's Avatar
    I already donated the 10$ but polarbear does not reply my queries... I suppose the updates will be available on the installer ?
    2008-03-18 11:22 AM
  4. iBlade's Avatar
    The recorded mov files can be played back with quicktime, however the blue and red colors are reversed. There is a solution for it for mac users to fix the wrong color, Pc user's have still to wait unfornutaly. And since I have only xp and ubuntu and can record unlimited have not much use. At least you can now also delete the videos you recorded on the phone itself. Just swipe and delete.
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    2008-03-18 11:36 AM
  5. mbru103's Avatar
    how do i get the videos i record from my phone onto my computer
    2008-04-18 02:57 AM