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    I was hoping to be able to make custom Tap Tap Revenge 3 tracks on my jailbroken iPod Touch. I followed the instructions found here: HOW TO MAKE TAP TAP REVENGE 3 - Create Custom Track with Audition - ZuW3mhMW - . When I do this, everything seems fine; the track shows up in TTR3's list, with the right info and artwork, under the right difficulty level.

    However, when I try to play the track, it pops up telling me the track is corrupt. I've tried several times, and always it says it's corrupt. I've even tried (just for the hell of it) putting it in TTR2 instead of TTR3, and that just crashed the app when I try to play the track (though, again, the track shows up fine in the list).

    Obviously this was meant for TTr3, so why does it tell me it's corrupt? I followed the instructions to the letter; is there a different way to make TTR3 tracks from MIDIs?

    2010-08-12 11:55 AM