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  1. Mokko94's Avatar
    Got my first iPhone, iPhone 4, last week, and i quickly noticed that there is no way to copy a part of an SMS like you do in the Notes app for example - you'll have to copy the whole message! This can be really frustrating if you e.g. recieve an activation code within a long message, that you need to copy to an application or something.

    Is this even possible to fix..?
    2010-08-14 11:24 PM
  2. asnman's Avatar
    Unfortunately i dont know of any way, I usually copy the message and paste to the notes.
    2010-08-18 12:47 AM
  3. Mes's Avatar
    ^As asnman said, copy, but paste into 'reply/write SMS' area. Then you can select any portion, copy (or cut) and exit without sending. You could also use backspace to delete the reply/write message before exiting or come back later, select-all and delete the left-over junk later.
    2010-08-18 01:31 AM
  4. Knighted's Avatar
    I haven't seen a tweak for this, but does anyone know if one has been made available since the last post (aug 2010)? Is the method described above still the best way to copy a portion of a sms?

    2013-02-27 05:35 PM