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    For those who don't want to just go out and 'buy another SD card'

    For starters, this exists:
    zoomMediaPlus announces SD card reader for iPhone: Digital Photography Review

    Which is great for some but the downside is that it is 60 bucks before shipping and taxes. Which isn't a ton of money but I am wondering if there is a cheaper option. Call me a thrifty shopper at best

    There are card readers like these out there


    That can be found locally and sell for as low as $5 before taxes. They come with a connection cord that is USB to computer and MicroUSB to the device.

    My thoughts are, is it possible to: Buy an adapter


    to change the Ipod 30 pin connector cable from USB to micro USB, allowing the card reader to connect to the Iphone, and access the card reader through the Terminal application? Or even the Zoomit application that is provided free at the app store?

    Or is firmware/power/other a barrier in doing that?
    2010-08-18 11:39 PM