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    I just downloaded and tried the Big Brother app for the iPhone 4 on my phone. Its a pretty cool app, it basically uses a password similar to the way the lockscreen password is displayed and run, but when an incorrect password is given the app takes a picture with the front facing camera and also logs the current gps location of the phone and then sends it to your email. The thing is this app is only useful if you lock your iphone using the app which is a bit too tedious to do everytime, and of course the one time you don't do it will be the time you lose your phone. I was wondering if someone can make an app with pretty much the same concept with the picture and gps location, but apply it to the regular lockscreen passcode.

    The app in the appstore is called Big Brother - Camera Security for iPhone 4

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    2010-09-17 09:50 AM
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    I have been trawling Cydia for such an app.

    Does it not exist? I thought it was called Security for iPhone 4?....
    2011-01-13 01:03 PM
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    Try igotya, it is integrated in with the lockscreen
    2011-01-15 08:56 AM