1. achimthedork's Avatar
    Hi everybody,

    I use a jailbreaked pawned iPhone 2G with Ver 3.1 and iTunes 9.02. After the last app update, my Todo app (appigo) is GONE !!! Boy, I NEEEEED it back and I don't know how I restore the older version - especially with my jailbreaked 2G (don't wanna kill my Phone completely).

    I did the app update via iTunes today while my iPhone was hooked to my Mac. It didn't warn me, that this new version would run only on iOS4 - which is not working with my 2G. It just updated and killed my app on my phone.

    Does anyone know, how I do it best to get my older version back?

    Thank you so far! Achim
    2010-10-15 12:38 AM
  2. Svenzy's Avatar
    Ummm sounds like you might be stuck. Are you jailbroken? It's quite shunned upon in these forums but as far as my knowledge goes, the only way to get an older version of an app is through (insert app name that provides links to copyrighted software)...
    2010-10-15 12:47 PM