1. seanpaul910916's Avatar
    can anyone create a tweak or an app or anything that can customise the iphone stock clock app alarm clock snooze time? the original snooze time is set at 9 min, but i would prefer that to be customisable... i've wasted 2.40 to buy 2 useless alarm clock apps which didnt work as descripted
    2010-10-31 08:58 AM
  2. Nefarious's Avatar
    I second this. Been looking for a snooze mod for some time.
    2010-11-04 03:20 PM
  3. danieldenham's Avatar
    2011-01-13 11:02 PM
  4. B1ggiz's Avatar
    2011-01-19 05:12 AM
  5. pimskeks's Avatar
    Hey guys, the new version 1.2 of PlayAwake has customizable snooze time for iOS 4, I think this is what you need!
    2011-02-06 08:59 PM
  6. MrDaggs's Avatar
    Thanks!! It works PERFECTLY on iOS 4.2.1 on my iPod Touch 3G, been wanting a tweak like this for a long time
    2011-02-15 03:35 AM
  7. danieldenham's Avatar
    pimskeks: THANKS. Perfect!
    2011-02-15 10:55 AM
  8. satt's Avatar
    I would like 3 editable snoozes for example, 1th at 10 min, second at 7 min, 3th at 4 min, so this way I will wake up happy !
    2011-02-17 07:22 PM
  9. MrDaggs's Avatar
    so u mean like...multiple customizable snooze times for one alarm? Nice idea, dunno about whether or not its going to get implemented in Cydia though :/

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    2011-02-19 05:44 AM
  10. oscartoons76's Avatar
    Try iHome+Sleep (free) get it on App Store, no need to run it all night, acces to music library, adjust snooze time, etc
    2012-08-29 07:22 PM