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    Hello. I think this one could become pretty popular. Ability to stream Pandora or ootunes through usb connection. Pioneer came out with a app for there headunits so it can be done.

    But how about for all brands
    2010-10-31 09:53 PM
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    If you play pandora from the iPhone itself won't it work. I can get YouTube to stream through my USB into my cars unit.
    2010-11-01 12:01 AM
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    No, it will only play for a few seconds if I turn pandora on and plug it in. Then it will automatically start playing iPod. I'm ok controlling it on the iPhone (like most prefer it) it just won't play through speakers like the iPod, navigation or trapster do.

    From what I'm understanding the app would pretty much need to spoof the stereo into thinking it's playing the native iPod app because when anything is plugged into the stereo via USB it has to control it. (most headunits anyway) I know imhad to get noaccserorysplash in order to control it via iPod with my alpine
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    2010-11-01 04:15 AM
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    Never use before
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