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  1. visca blaugrana's Avatar
    Hello, sorry if this have allready been asked but am new here and have meen looking everyware,

    I have just resently got myself an iphone (have always been a nokia man) and am looking for an app that when I recieve a call, sms or a MSS from a number I dont have in my contacts ask me if I wanna white list or black list it.

    it work kinda like this.

    you get a call from a call that is not saved in your contacts, you then pick it up and anserw the call, when you finnish the call there is a popup on the phone asking if you wanna black or white list the call.

    im basicly requesting an app that work as the anti spam mudule does for Kaspersky Mobile Security does for Symbian.

    anyone knows if its out there?
    2010-11-10 12:29 PM
  2. j3st3r's Avatar
    not that i am aware of, iBlacklist is the closest thing to that but it doesn't ask after you receive a call that i am aware of, you have to manually add afterwards to your blacklist or whitelist
    2010-11-10 07:00 PM
  3. visca blaugrana's Avatar

    just downloaded the trial, and it seams to be able to do alot more the what im looking for, but will try it and the just keep it simple,
    2010-11-28 03:00 PM