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    I have an iphone 3GS, 4.1 on limera1n. About 3 month ago, my screen broke and I bought a new one on ebay and fixed it myself. I glued it with hot glue but as it harden fast, I couldnt get the job done so well cause I was alone. Now, at my friend's party, one of my friend hit my shoulder by accident and my phone fell on the ground. The screen dint hold and I had to glue it again but when I did it, my home button was not working anymore..

    I looked on some forums and I think I broke a circuit when I opened it (one of the 2 metal things that are supose to make contact with the "mother board", if we can call it that was..). I ordered a new button with the circuit on ebay but it will be shipped in a month and I really need my phone working till then so I need an app that "simulate" a home button on the screen and is visible on top of everything, preferabely movable. That way, my brother can play games, I can text/call/download and whatever else and take pictures and all. I cant really manage with the SBSettings function as it wont work in games/cydia and in some other apps.

    I looked for such an app and all I found was an old app called ClickOnce only working in 1.x.x ... If anyone know of an app like that or could even make one it would be great and im sure im not the only one with this problem.

    Thanks ~blanco
    2010-11-15 07:26 PM
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    i managed to solve the problem... Quickdo from
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    2010-11-19 11:20 PM