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    my first post!

    Anyway, can anyone make a app that simulates a pipboy 3000?
    as opposed to a theme.....it would be really cool and loads of people really want it
    (just type pipboy 3000 iphone app on google)
    also for a radio aegment, you could play your own music....etc etc with quests like a todo tracker....all in one landscape app...along with all the other stuff it does!
    2010-11-27 02:35 AM
  2. Shedder80's Avatar
    I just released my first iPhone app, the PipClock, as you can imagine heavily inspired to the PipBoy.
    You can check it out here: PipClock The Post Atomic Clock for iPhone ? Home
    some of its function, so far: clock, weather hazards detector (it uses gps and real data but shows stuff like toxic rain, poisonous fog and stuff like that), landmark detector, some weather infos, day/night cycle graphic view, Geiger counter, magnetic compass and PipBoy flashlight mode.. And so on..

    I'm implementing new features (real time map like pipboy etc) because I really would like a PipBoy app for iPhone, I love Fallout universe!!

    so guys, what kind of features would you like in a PipBoy app for iPhone? I'm open to suggestions!
    2010-12-17 01:57 AM
  3. Pipboy's Avatar
    wow im getting that now but, for next update, would you mind doing landscape mode?
    2010-12-18 04:08 AM
  4. Shedder80's Avatar
    Yes I was planning to do that..
    Would be awesome to use the app with an iPhone case like this one http://gpsobsessed.com/wp-content/up...moto-kit-1.jpg
    I've to change some graphics and think how it's going to work but it's doable...
    do you think would be better to activate the landscape mode automatically or manually?
    2010-12-18 04:22 AM
  5. Pipboy's Avatar
    manual would be cool, so it doesn't just switch like crazy(this usually happens when the rotation thing gets confused)
    btw, vie got a case like that....which is what i plan to use the app for...awesome!

    oh and a playlist as a radio show... like GNR
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    2010-12-19 06:24 AM