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    Hey gang-

    Is there any jailbreak app to block iAds in Appstore apps? How about Google Ads in Appstore apps? Most developers have been pretty responsible about implementing ads, but I have a couple apps that have gone wayyyyyy over the top with ad quantity.


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    2010-12-03 12:35 AM
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    Yes, there is iAdkiller. you can download the .deb file there and install it via iFunBox or SSH (I'm not an SSH guy, IFunBox is much better). For some reason it doesn't show up in the main repos on Cydia.

    To block all ads, I use Firewall IP. It's $2.99 but trust me it's worth every penny. It has done a fantastic job killing ads and attempts to phone home by apps who I regard as needing absolutely no reason why they need to connect with the creator's website. Two things - I was not able to kill iAds with Firewall IP alone, and you have to spend some time looking up websites to determine whether to permit or deny certain links.
    2010-12-14 06:19 AM
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    Thanks HB!

    Yes, I found iAdkiller. You can install it via Cydia by adding the MacOSMovil repo. Full instructions in this Redmond Pie article.

    It works just fine, but here is what I discovered. iAds are by far the least intrusive of the various iApp ad implementations. The real offenders, in no particular order, are Google ads, AdMob ads (now owned by Google) and the worst- IMHO- Crisp Media ads. (They have one ad- in a paid app BTW!- that flashes and spins and every person I've shown it to agrees they get nauseous if they don't leave that page. Real nice). And no doubt there are many others. These guys are going to kill their own golden goose this way.

    I've also been reading about AdBlock Toggle- an SBSettings module that claims to block all of those and more. For that one, you need to add repo.modyouri.com to Cydia. I'm reluctant to try it though because it seems to take the approach of patching each of your individual apps- a process that often needs to be repeated with each update, etc.

    I think Firewall IP sounds very promising. I will definitely check it out.

    2010-12-14 11:37 PM