1. djkast's Avatar
    Let's get rid of SMS messages.

    TLert, RealSMS, BiteSMS.. All fantastic programs, but they all use SMS. SMS is slow, and costs money.

    Why can't we use all the great features from these applications but use GoogleTalk as the message protocal instead of SMS.

    All the google chat clients are terrible, app-store clients all push-notify, with jailbroken clients you need to go into the app to reply, compose, etc.

    Why not have a convenient SMS application ported to use the jabber client to connect to google talk.
    This would bridge the gap on Android <-> iPhone messaging.

    my 2 cents
    2010-12-08 07:17 PM
  2. djkast's Avatar
    I'm surprised nobody has commented on this... Does no one agree that a easy-to-use gtalk client should come to the iphone... Or are the SMS progs too wrapped up in making money from international text messages
    2011-01-11 07:35 PM
  3. jon_chew's Avatar
    I was just thinking about it - my friends with Blackberry's can use google chat on their chat clients. (in fact, i'm doing that right now - chatting with my friend on my desktop chat client, adium, while he types away on his dumb blackberry)

    Why can't we do that on the iPhone?

    I've been developing iPhone apps for the App store and wanted to get into some jailbroken stuff - if someone introduce me to the toolchain, and how bitesms (& others) do it, then i'd be in!
    2011-01-15 10:52 PM