1. jmans25's Avatar
    Hi from a noob
    I just wanted to see if anyone could tell me how I can send those pesky push notifications to the status bar of the lockscreen. They are soooo annoying, and sometimes, some don't even show up right!
    PS: I am thinking of trying lockinfo. But I am not sure it will do it for me. Can I send all push notifications to the lockscreen?
    2010-12-21 12:13 AM
  2. PrayashT's Avatar
    Notifier Pro from Cydia will render icons for those notifications and put little icons on your status bar next to the battery icon.
    2010-12-26 03:39 AM
  3. jmans25's Avatar
    Cool but I just got lockinfo it has the notifications in the status bar plus I can pull down the status bar to see the alert.
    2010-12-26 06:45 AM