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    This may or may not already be an app but heres the idea.

    I was thinking could somebody make an app that basically unlocked all icons on the springboard, kind of like (if you have windows) unchecking the option align to grid so all your desktop icons can be placed anywhere but unlike the current icon move system on iphone/ipod were you have to hold down on one icon to make them do that shaking thing so they can move they are always free to move.
    If you go to 4:48 in this video [ame=]YouTube - Microsoft Surface Demo @ CES 2008[/ame] youll get a better idea of what i mean (imagine the pictures are icons)

    -Unaligned to grid icons (kind of like gridlock but you can move them anywhere i.e. between lines and not be auto place back)
    -Always "moveable" icons
    -Double click to select/open (so you dont accidently open apps all the time
    -No dock bar (more of a theme issue but nonetheless would help(more space))
    -Mabye shaking the phone would re position them to default grid

    Mabye this is currently possible with a a bunch of different apps on cydia, i dont know.
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    2011-01-19 04:26 PM
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    no yet seen anything...
    i know there is an out of grid patch but the move all the time function i've not yet seen.
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    2011-01-19 09:02 PM
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    i think this might be on the new pogoplank 2.0 if you look at the video
    i dont know when pogoplank 2.0 is ever going to come out though... its been in development for atleast a year
    2011-01-21 12:14 AM
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    that would be sick!
    2011-01-28 07:51 AM