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    Hello, first, sorry if im posting this in the wrong section.
    Im using an jailbreak application called SLaccess it fakes tickets for my local bus and subway system.

    It has been working great but approximately one week ago they changed the "layout" for the tickets.

    OBS im using biteSMS thats the only reason anything outside the text-bubble differs between an legit and an fake one.

    This is what an legit ticket looks like today:

    And this is what an fake looks like:

    If you look closely you can see that the format on the date differs.
    This is a problem!
    Since many of these controllers look closely on the ticket they notice it's fake because of this tiny format change on the date.

    It would be appreciated if someone could fix this.
    Since im not 100% with the rules, i won't upload the IPA right now.

    I will post information about what the different parts of the text message mean if you find that necessary.

    Thank you.
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