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  1. Marv1993's Avatar
    So, I deleted a file that's 168MB big which was in one of the system folders, cuz I wanted to swap it with a different one.. Nevertheless I now can't put something on my iPhone that is 140MB big, since my system folders are full! But I deleted a 160MB file??!!
    What can I do to free my memory and get the free space of the file I deleted??

    iPhone 3G
    2011-01-30 10:19 PM
  2. krosis's Avatar
    What file did you delete? What method did you use to delete it? Did you delete the file or just a symlink to it? What are you trying to replace it with? Why does it need to be on the system volume? What does sbsettings or df show for free space on your volumes?
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    2011-01-30 10:47 PM
  3. Marv1993's Avatar
    Well I used SysPartition to get more free space
    It was dyld_shared_cache_armv61 and I tried to install Game Center But it worked out now
    2011-01-30 10:55 PM