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    I'm looking for something to let me browse the iPhone's file system and run stuff I've saved using 'downloads'.
    Ideally I'd like to be able to copy downloaded music into my iTunes library - but I'm maybe dreaming whether this is possible or not?

    I've been using Windows and Android phones for the last year, so I kind of miss the ability to download anything I like and run it (like movies and music etc)


    To answer my own question...

    I've got one called iFile. Cost $4, but seems to be decent so far. I can see the iPhone file system, but as with most iPods - the way songs are stored makes no sense!

    I don't know if its possible to add downloaded songs into the 'ipod' player?
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    ifile has an option in the settings "song titles" and "application names" that makes it easier to view. Mewseek can import music into your ipod app, but it cost $9.99
    2011-02-09 05:34 PM