1. Franne's Avatar
    For now im using xPod, but i'm definitely not satisfied..
    What i'm looking for, is an alternative to iPod, or a tweak, that can make iPod browse /var/mobile/music for music so i don't have to use itunes to get music on my device..

    So, what do you guys use, and why can't i find anything that satisfies?

    iPhone 3gs 4.2.1 and a MacBookPro..

    2011-02-11 06:31 PM
  2. boxxa's Avatar
    I honestly love iFile. I wish it had a little better browsing/playing interface like playlists but it works for what I need.
    2011-02-12 09:12 AM
  3. Franne's Avatar
    Got iFile.. But can u use that for playing music? Also if u could use the remote on the headphones.. Maybe i'm aiming a bit too high, but an app just like iPod with all its features.. ?
    2011-02-12 04:20 PM
  4. Franne's Avatar
    no one knows?

    Seems like there simply isnt an app that can do the same thing as iPod, without using iTunes.. roflstomped :_(
    2011-02-21 10:40 PM
  5. liamwalsh21's Avatar
    Pwntunes works fine for this
    2011-02-21 10:42 PM
  6. rout's Avatar
    thanks for informaion...
    2011-02-22 02:32 PM