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    I Understand from searching this has been requested before but has never been made per se, apart from catepillar aka Kate, this is no longer supported or can be found anywhere for download.

    You can currently disable the text being displayed but not the sender, what I need to be able to do is have switches in the settings.app to disable the sender name so the pop-up just shows "Text Message" and the ability to disable the pop-up altogether. Sounds aren't an issue as that is already handled by the ios software.

    I know mcleaner, iblacklist and bitesms does this, but they are all programs designed to do lots of other things as well, I'm very happy with the way the iphone currently handles messages etc, I would just like more privacy.

    If anyone could dedicate some time to developing this or provide contact details for someone who could it would be much appreciated.

    2011-03-02 10:03 AM