1. yanix's Avatar
    Hi there.

    I have an app on Cydia called iStreamNet.

    It's a webapp and the iStreamNet app is programmed by a guy that I met online.

    The guy has done good so far, but has had problems with simple things such as buttons and href tags..

    I need a programmer that can make a WebApp for me - with the same layout of the iStreamNet app, but with working Search

    The search must be similar to JavaScript Prompt - it shows up and everything in the background goes dark and the user can input something to search for, such as Simp as in Simpsons, and if Simp is found in the current html file, take the user to the location on the app.

    Also the buttons must be functional (they load a url - not hard)

    I will pay good for these things - email me [email protected] if you can do it.
    2011-03-06 12:28 AM