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    The iPhone media player could have been designed a little better in my opinion. The closest thing I've found that still looks like the iphone media player, but looks nicer, and to be able to swipe to operate is nice too, is Swiper Free. It's available free in the app store. They ruined the paid Swiper app by making the titles at the top too big.
    I know sometimes these things come at a price, but I would be willing to pay for a player I like.
    My perfect player would look like this:

    These are the native controls from the iphone player.
    The top title would be just a little bigger, no drop-down (or up) time scrubber, all stationary controls. No volume control, adjustment can be done from the volume control on the side of the iphone or controlled if swipe controls were included.
    Any help would be appreciated. THANKS
    Problem with image? http://judithgeurin.110mb.com/100_20501.jpg
    Please keep trying to open image, where I have it doesn't always open.
    2011-03-21 02:41 PM