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    I am having a "locked" folder/file issue when trying to move songs FROM my IP 3gs -> TO my hard drive using a program called Media Monkey...

    The developers of the MM software have told me that the directory structure in my Iphone Itunes database has a corrput or locked folder, which causes a copy issue when attempting to move music off the phone and moved/copied to my hard drive via their software..

    Is there a program that can "fix" (kind of like scandisc?) or refresh/restore an Itunes database/file directory back to default.. or clean it out...? .. so that I can get a fresh 'sync' using whatever program I used to move/copy music?


    oh.. I am using an OS version 4.2.1 jailbroken with Greenp0ison...
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    2011-04-02 10:13 PM
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    Try using iFunBox. So far it's transferred everything I've asked it to

    You may also need an extension from Cydia called afc2add. Check it out.
    2011-04-11 03:02 AM