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    There should be an app that tells the name and bundle identifier of on screen pngs. It could be activated by activator.
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    2011-04-07 01:33 AM
  2. Jahooba's Avatar
    AppInfo on Cydia does exactly that! It's great, go check it out (then come back and hit the thanks button, of course)
    2011-04-11 04:04 AM
  3. Jerrryy's Avatar
    That's not what I want. Look at the picture on first post and you'll understand. I want an app that tell me the name and location of EVERY png on screen.
    Is there a sundae in the room?
    2011-04-11 07:30 PM
  4. Jahooba's Avatar
    It won't work. There are multiple icons per app, which is why you need a separate screen to display the list of info. Hence, AppInfo.

    But I think I see what you're getting at - so you can see what images do what in the file system. Once you know the structure of themes it's pretty easy though. It just takes a lot of time and patience. There aren't many shortcuts out there (at least, not as short as what you want).
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    2011-04-16 08:42 PM
  5. Jerrryy's Avatar
    Yeah, but an app like this would help a lot for beginners and would stop topics like "what's the filename of this png?"
    2011-04-16 09:04 PM