1. Ste_Moore01's Avatar

    Is there an app which allows you to stream music or video FROM a laptop and stream music or video TO your iphone?

    It sounds a little strange and sounds like the same thing, but I basically want something that allows me to play the iTunes stored on my laptop, on my iPhone/iPad like an AirPlay speaker but it would also need the ability to control my iTunes from the iPhone/iPad at the same time.

    Is this something that is available?

    If I haven't explained clearly enough please let me know.
    2011-04-13 01:18 AM
  2. M3th0s's Avatar
    iOS 4.3.1 already does that when you share your laptop's library, you can browse it on your iDevice and play it, choosing the laptop library. If that is not what you are looking for, apologies if I did not understand:P
    2011-04-13 04:38 PM
  3. Ste_Moore01's Avatar
    No it's not really.

    I want to be able to open iTunes on my laptop and click on a song or video to play and it then play on my iPhone.

    But on my iPhone I want to be able to control the iTunes that is running on my laptop.

    So basically the music/video is playing on my laptop but streams the audio/video to my iPhone and then on my iPhone I can skip to the next song which begins playing on my laptop but streams to my iPhone etc..

    I hope this clears it up a little.

    Out of curiosity how do you share the laptop library with your iDevice?
    2011-04-13 06:43 PM