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  1. sillablanca's Avatar
    I've been having a problem with my mic and speaker when making phone calls, funny thing is, Skype and voice memo work just fine.
    The issue is that I can't hear the caller nor can the caller hear me, but Skype works fine.
    I've taken it to the store and they said there was nothing I could do.

    So, the question is: Is there a jailbreak app or something that can force Skype into making carrier calls or an alternative that uses the same settings as Skype?

    2011-10-06 10:57 PM
  2. zachmorris's Avatar
    If you use google voice, you can kinda get around this. You can initiate a google voice call, which will in turn call you skype number, wait a second, then answer, and it's just as if you dialed out natively, but now your using Skype. I can give more details if your intersted.
    2011-12-09 05:37 PM