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  1. mike.dee's Avatar
    The iPhone 4s can mirror all it's contents to a tv(via apple tv) through AirPlay.
    Is it possible to get this to work on an iPhone 4?
    Maybe add the code from 4s onto the iPhone 4?
    2011-11-16 03:33 AM
  2. Janet55's Avatar
    you can't use airplay mirroring with the iPhone 4 and iOS 5. It will only work with the new 4S, but it'll work with the iPad 2.
    But you can stream YouTube videos and others like this to apple tv, or actually you also can use some tools to make atv to be a cool home media centre.
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    2011-11-17 07:21 AM
  3. mike.dee's Avatar
    I know that, but does anyone have any idea how we could hack this to get it to work? Theres got to be a way. Did Apple really make it that difficult to get hackers to be able to enable this on iphone 4?
    2011-11-18 03:56 AM
  4. BobbyW's Avatar
    Based on one user on another forum, it seems he got it to work. He even got the menu to show up like on the iPhone 4S which is a full screen page with the airplay devices listed (screenshot). The only thing missing was the mirror toggle. He posted that he found it and went ahead to post the bottom line below, without any other explanation on how to implement it.
    Figured it out. AVController_RouteDescriptionKey_RouteSupportsAirP layScreen
    Does that tell anyone anything at all?
    2012-03-05 04:22 PM
  5. coltonon's Avatar
    In order to enable airplay mirroring on iPod and iPhone 4, I am going to need a file from an a5 device to compare to the a4 device's file. If anybody has an iPhone 4s, 5, iPad 2 and up, or an iPod touch 5, please email me at [email protected]
    I need to gather a file that allows airplay mirroring. On iPod touch, the file is called N81AP.plist. On iPhone the file has a very similar name.
    To access this file you must either be jailbroken, or have a program called iExplorer. With iExplorer you do not require a jailbreak. You could also use a program called iFunBox, which works too, but I am most familiar with iExplorer. PLEASE EMAIL ME @ [email protected] FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS!!!

    MY INFO:
    email: [email protected]

    Go to System>Library>CoreServices>>N81Ap. plist in ifile, or iExplorer, or follow the long way...
    To access the file, open iExplorer with your device plugged into your computer. From there navigate to the left side of the window and you will see an icon labeled "iPod Touch" or "iPhone". double click this to reaveal a list that goes: root, media, apps, backups, media library, photos books bookmarks... open the first file on that list called "root". Under "root" you will find a bunch of folders. Of one of those folders, you will find a folder called "system". Open that folder and you will find "library". Open that folder and find the folder "core services". open this folder. In this folder find the folder called "". in this file, scroll down until you reach where the N's start. the first file is what you are looking for. it should be called N81AP.plist, or something like that. Single click on the icon and drag it to your desktop. From there, Email the file to me please at [email protected]. thank you for your help.
    2012-12-29 09:29 PM
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    I think i have come to the right place,thanks for the good advice,helpful thread.
    2012-12-30 06:38 AM