1. wine_guy's Avatar
    Since 5.0, Safari Download Manager has been broken, and I'm not expecting it to be updated anytime soon. It would be great to have some kind of download plugin for Safari.
    2011-12-29 09:54 PM
  2. aurther11's Avatar
    I can suggest you for those safari plugin-
    SafariStand – This just may be the ultimate plugin for Safari. SafariStand adds a few helpful features to make Safari easier to use. Included is a Stand Bar (for quick access to bookmarks) history, and more, Stand Search with support for Spotlight, an Action Menu, and option to restore last workspace, a site alterations preference window with the option to put custom CSS layouts on specific sites, and syntax coloring in viewed source. If you had the choice to download one plugin, this would be the first on my list.

    Inquisitor – Ever wanted instant search results like those in Flock? Well now they’re available for Safari, from a plugin called Inquisitor. From the moment you start typing in the search box at the top, search results appear by Inquisitor auto-completing your search term, speeding up your searching.

    FLVR – On rare occasions, I find a video on YouTube that I watch so much that I eventually download it. And at those times why should I use a separate app to download them? It is possible to do this right in the browser with FLVR.
    2012-01-09 04:20 PM