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  1. PDSF's Avatar
    Hi all. I have "Tap to Unlock - iOS5" installed, but it is invisible. With Lockinfo installed, it isn't always apparent whether the phone is locked or unlocked as the same screen shows either way. So sometimes I will tap to 'unlock' and instead I get whatever app was at the bottom of the screen. I used to love "Blue Tap" on my 3GS...just a nice blue button, no text or anything. If someone wanted to update this I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.
    2012-01-27 05:17 PM
  2. PDSF's Avatar
    PS, I also installed "Tap to Unlock Retina" which is broken, at least on my phone--it unnecessarily replaces the "Slide to Power Off", but the tap to power off doesn't work.
    2012-01-30 07:54 PM
  3. danbert88's Avatar
    I have also been looking for the "non-invisible" tap to unlock. Hope somebody makes one soon
    2012-02-03 07:14 AM
  4. PDSF's Avatar
    I found one which works and looks good. It's called "Tap to Unlock Retina Applestyle". It replaces the Slide to Power Off with a shorter slider, which is absolutely OK. Still not as nice as Blue Tap but at least it works. Try it...good luck!
    2012-02-03 07:21 AM