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    The OP of this thread: http://www.*****************/showthr...t=68721&page=2 seems to believe it possible to set up infrastructure instead of adhoc wireless hotspots from a 3GS. I currently use pdanet but they do not support infrastructure on 3GS. So far as I can tell no one has done anything to allow infrastructure mode on the 3GS. I own various devices (kindle) that I would love to tether to my phone but can't because they don't support adhoc. Can anyone find a way to get pdanet infrastructure to win on iPhone 3GS? Preferably pdanet because tethering is harder for your carrier to detect.

    As URL was sensored I will post the OPs posts:

    I have been fiddling around with the Personal Hotspot feature on the iPhone 3GS. First i ran a comparison of the 4.3 firmwares contents for the iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 3GS.

    I noted one difference in the /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.hostapd and the daemon itself /usr/libexec/hostapd. The files only exist on iPhone 4.

    Hostapd is the daemon responsible for making the iphone into an wifi accesspoint/router, together with misd(mobile internet sharing daemon). And i even see misd reporting that 5 wireless clients may connect(on the 3GS with the files copied in)

    What i also noticed is the WLAN firmware itself. I took the default.bin(this is the wlan firmware which you can find in /usr/share/firmware/wifi/43xxxx) from 4.0GM and also 4.1GM which enables AP mode on the 3GS. By using the WLAN firmware from the older iphone firmwares i get a virtual interface called ap0 on 4.3.

    The firmware seems to enable AP mode but im not sure if it is fully supported still, but i'm going to continue working on this but wanted to let other people interested in this know that it might be possible to get the WiFi Personal Hotspot on a 3GS.

    I'm going to post more on this, but hopefully there will be others interested in getting this feature to the 3GS. So if you find anything of interest please do inform me.

    POST 2:
    Sorry for not updating, i got myself a Android phone. However you do not need a iPhone 4, you can just download the IPSW and vfdecrypt/extract it to get hold of the files for any device that has the vfdecrypt keys available. Anyway i didn't make any further progress because i couldn't find a STA/AP firmware for the iPhone with the bcm4325 chipset. The AP firmware is loaded when WiFi tethering is enabled and the STA firmware is loaded when the phone should act as a client. So even though the bcm4325 chipset supports infrastructure mode i most likely wouldn't get this working unless there is a firmware with support on some other iDevice.

    The reason i'm here in this iPhone forum is because i was looking for a iPhone 4S IPSW dump or vfdecrypt keys. I wanted to go ahead and port SIRI to the 3GS. It's probably not that hard after i get a full dump of the 4S or vfdecrypt key to extract the IPSW myself.
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