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    One of the biggest settings I find myself changing all the time using a wifi ipad and iphone as a hotspot is toggling the bluetooth connection and connecting to the paired device (aka ipad to iphone). I've tried the on demand services but haven't found them very successful for my purposes, but if there was a tweak for notification center that showed a list of the available devices for Bluetooth, this would be awesome. Even less than this, a tweak that just automatically connected any paired device when detected would be pretty awesome too and probably serve the purpose.

    Thanks in advance, and hopefully others find this as useful as I would!!
    2012-03-16 10:10 AM
  2. lugiank's Avatar
    2012-03-16 04:46 PM
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    400 view's in a matter of hours makes me think others would find this as useful as I do lol
    2012-03-17 01:07 AM