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  1. paulpsomiadis's Avatar
    Well, it's a bit annoying to say the least...

    "Facetime Activation: An error occurred during activation. Try again"

    yup, it's THAT error message...and believe me I've tried EVERYHTING to get this fixed...

    Opened facetime ports on my joy

    Changed my DNS to google and joy

    checked to see if I have any secondary emails in my apple store account - nope just my primary, and it works fine when signing into app store.

    signed out of app store on ipod and reset network settings - signed back into app store on reboot...still cant get facetime to activate

    I did have facebreak installed - but that's gone now...still no luck

    So down to the question...

    I know you can re-activate facetime with MiTime on an iphone that's jailbroken...

    But is there a similar "force activation" app for other (non-iphone) devices that run IOS?

    If there is, what is it, if not...then I guess it's another bloody full restore to get one feature to work...
    2012-04-03 11:12 PM
  2. ReverseEffect's Avatar
    Sometimes, with iOS 5, things are not what they seem. iMessage on my iPhone says "waiting for activation" but I can actually send and recieve iMessages while it still says "waiting for activation". Why don't you get someone to test to see if your FaceTime works from another iDevice? Cheers!
    My brain has an error at line 300: In function brainInitialize: the function "sarcasm" may not respond to "init".

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    2012-04-15 02:58 AM
  3. paulpsomiadis's Avatar
    I'm on iOS 4.2.1 - sorry, shoulda' said that first.

    And it doesn't say "waiting for activation" - as I cannot turn it on at all!
    2012-04-15 09:37 AM