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    I utilize ratings when listening to music, but I have to be in the music app to do it, and this is kind of a pain (incredibly bad in the ipad)

    the NCMusic widget is nice as it allows me to have controls and notifications when used with DashboardX on my ipod in a nice visual context. problem is i cant change the ratings without being in the app.

    any thoughts/suggestions? is this something that the ipod makes it very difficult to do? (whereas there are many apps that allow you control of the music buttons when not in the app).

    Music widget that will let you change itunes ratings (or way to do it with activator)-photo.png
    2012-05-20 12:57 AM
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    Sorry, this is off-topic, but I want you to know, you have a really sweet looking set up going

    As for your question, I don't think there's any way to do that

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    2012-05-22 04:40 AM